Welcome to Holistic Healing South West

Holistic Healing South West is based in Yeovil, which is set amongst the most beautiful rolling countryside of Somerset.

My name is Ali Protheroe and I offer a variety of therapies that includes sound and energy healing in addition to animal therapies.


I am a Tuning Fork Sound Therapist that also offers Reiki. 

I also offer Canine Massage Therapy & Animal Therapies including Acu-Pressure, Reiki, Sound Therapy and Crystal Trauma Release for all animals from pets too farm animals.


There are many benefits to healing therapies. Tuning Fork Sound Therapy & Energy Work can help with anxiety, sadness & depression, chronic pain, improves mobility to name but a few. They also help to give us clarity and focus and bring our minds to a place of stillness which is pure bliss. The Animal Therapies help with conditions such as arthritis, improves circulation, emotional healing following a trauma, abuse or neglect, physical issues & has positive effects on the immune system. Using Acu-Pressure has been used to calm the nervous system (fight / flight). Certain points can also stimulate the body’s natural pain killers.

If you would like to find out how holistic healing can help you or your animals then please give me a call to discuss a treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

Change your vibration, change your life
with Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Opening Hours


Monday - Friday : 9.30am - 8pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 7pm

Sunday by appointment only.

Available 7 days a week for Animal Therapies.