Tuning forks for healing

About Ali Protheroe

My healing journey started a few years ago when I undertook my Level 2 and 3 counselling courses which are vocationally-related qualifications through the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (accredited and regulated by Ofqual). These courses enabled me to focus on my personal and spiritual development and use this in my everyday life and my work with clients.

The first time I picked up a tuning fork I was absolutely amazed by how profound the effects were and how they help tame that monkey voice in your head that we all have, the chatter just dissipates. For some this can take a little while to happen but for others the effects can be almost immediate.

During this time I also started my attunement to Reiki, discovered Crystals, pendulums and shamanic drumming which I now incorporate into my healing work. I have also completed a Mental Health Awareness course with a recognised awarding body regulated by Ofqual and a Mindfulness Course which is a great benefit in my life.


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I have 2 adorable dogs Jessie and Barkley. I rescued Barkley in December 2017, he was a very poorly little Jack Russel/Terrier cross that had lost a lot of his fur all down his back leaving his skin very raw and sore on most of his body, he really was in a bad way. We had weekly vets visits for almost 6 months to keep monitoring him, getting the correct dosage of blood pressure medication and his overall wellbeing. He slowly started to put weight on which was a fantastic positive that everything was going in the right direction, the skin rashes healed quite quickly with medicated baths, tuning forks, acu point therapy, reiki and lots of love.


I absolutely believe that if an animal is shown so much love you can achieve anything with them. I have nursed Barkley back to health by doing regular therapies on him and thankfully he is now looking fantastic for his 17 yrs of age, he has stage 3 kidney disease along with high blood pressure but is extremely happy and enjoying life.

Jessie is soon to be 8 years old, she is a very and calm gentle little spaniel. She is so incredible & unlike any other dog I have every met, she is a very healing dog, so intuitive and Jessie can also see spirits. I was very unwell when I first had her, she has been my healer along with the tuning forks. Jessie has problems in her hind quarters which is where my journey with animal healing started, initially I did the canine massage course just for her, then the acu pressure as I realised how much that would help her along side the massage, but it's amazing how my confidence in what I was doing started to grow, other animals started gravitating towards me for help and as some of you know, I will never turn an animal in need away (although I'm not sure I could work on snakes). It helped me to be prepared for Barkley too as he needed soo much care when I became his guardian.

As part of my continued personal development I have also completed The Canine Accredited Merishia Massage Practitioner Level 4 Diploma course focusing on deep tissue mobilisation techniques which was very detailed. The course took approximately a year to complete, over the year I attended 35 hours of practical hands on training and also completed over 25 case studies, reports and research assignments to support all of the practical tasks which amounted to over 400 hours total learning time. My Acupressure 1 & 2 training involved 28 hours over 4 days of hands on practical work on people, dogs and horses. I have also attended a weekend Animal Communication Workshop with Susie Shiner of Shining Horse and also with Jackie Weaver.

Mission Statement

The health and well-being of people, pets, competitive and farm animals. Working with the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs of the client through a combination of therapies: Tuning fork sound therapies, reiki & energy work, full body realignment, canine massage, animal acu-pressure and crystal therapies.