Acupressure is the palpation of points used by acupuncturists, but without needles. Acupressure allows the relief of muscular spasms, strengthens bones and tendons, boosts the immune system, improves the condition of the coat, aids digestion and fertility.

The acu-point therapy method involves applying a light touch to specific points on the meridian lines (energy channels) of the body.

‘Chi’ is the name for the flow of energy which circulates through the meridians. This is the energy system by which acupuncture and acupressure therapists aim to rebalance the whole body.

Each meridian is associated with an organ / body function, and the physical and emotional qualities of one of the 5 elements.

Applying touch techniques to the acu-points promotes balance in these energy channels, gently acts on the nervous system, and has been used to calm the sympathetic nervous system (fight / flight).

Certain points can also stimulate the release of neurochemicals called endorphins; the body’s natural pain killers. By blocking pain, endorphins facilitate muscle relaxation, allowing oxygen rich blood flow to the area to promote healing.

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