Therapies for Animals




I have been extremely passionate about animals, especially dogs since I was a small child. My love for them is very clear to see. 


I have my own dogs, a beautiful and very easy going spaniel and also a rescue dog that I started fostering in December 2017, he was a very poorly little Jack Russel that had lost a lot of his fur all down his back leaving his skin very raw and sore, he really was in a bad way. I have nursed him to health and been doing regular therapies on him and thankfully he is now looking fantastic for his 17 yrs of age, he has stage 3 kidney disease along with high blood pressure but is now very happy and enjoying life. (My little Barkley Boo sadly passed away in my arms may 2020, aged 18.)


The welfare, health and happiness of your animal is my utmost priority.  I am trained in Emergency 1st aid for Dogs. Please feel free to call me to discuss your animals needs and I will do my best to accommodate you. All the therapies I offer have a positive effect on the lives and quality of life for your animal.

I recommend that the treatments I offer takes place at the home of the animal. Cats and dogs worry more than any other animals, simply allowing your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings whilst having a treatment will help enormously and help relieve anxieties, it helps avoid any undue stress on your animals. 

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I offer end of life appointments, giving you practical advice on how to help keep your dog/animal as comfortable as possible in the time leading up to their passing and also as they are passing. I will show you techniques that are very easy for you to administer to your animal.


If you have lots of animals all under one roof/yard/kennels that you feel would benefit from a treatment a discount will be offered. Max booking 6/8 horses per yard per day (deposit needed when booking for a yard/kennels where there will be multiple animals).

If you also have friends or family in the same area that would like animal treatments too the fuel charge could be split between you.

For the Animal Therapies there will be a fuel charge at 45p a mile outside a 10 mile radius.

Available 7 days a week for Animal Therapies.

The healing Weekend - July 12/13/14th 2019

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