Crystal Healing

Crystals have the most amazing healing qualities.  I regularily intergrate crystals into my healing work


What are the benefits of crystal?

Here's a closer look at how crystals can be used to change your life.

  • Boosting Energy. ...

  • Clearing the Mind and Optimizing Health. ...

  • Remove Creativity Blocks. ...

  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety. ...

  • Letting Go of Anger and Resentment. ...

  • Improving Your Career. ...

  • Bringing Abundance and Prosperity. ...

  • Protecting Against EMF.

  • 1. Crystal healing restores the flow and balance of energy in the body and mind.

  • 2. By restoring the energy balance in our body and life, Crystal healing releases the imbalances or blockages in our bodies, mind and lives.

  • 3. Crystal healing cleanses our energy body i.e. our aura and it balances all our energy centers i.e. chakras.

  • 4. By balancing the energy body and removing energy blocks, crystal healing helps in healing all kinds of issues and problems in life like chronic pains and illnesses, trauma, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and more. It also helps in healing various emotional and psycho-spiritual issues.

  • 5. Crystal healing helps in enhancing mental clarity and focus, concentrations and memory. It also helps in enhanced awareness of the self and mindfulness. Overall, crystal healing helps in deep relaxation at all levels.

  • 6. Crystal healing can help enhance, improve and enrich our relationships

  • 7. Healing with crystals is also highly helpful in manifesting goals – short term as well as long term goals in life.

  • 8. Crystal healing also helps in career, work, business and finances.

  • 9. Crystal healing helps establish and strengthen our connection with the higher consciousness. Crystals help channel the divine universal life force energy.

  • 10. It helps generate and maintain an enhanced sense of well-being and positivity in all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


  • There are many benefits of crystal healing, some of which are:

  • – Restored balance and flow of energy in the mind and body
    – Releases blockages and/or imbalances in our body and in our life
    – Cleanses the energy/auric field and balances all the chakras
    – Elevates connection to higher consciousness
    – Feeling of well being and overall positivity

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