Before you undertake any treatment please ensure that you have read the disclaimers below.




The holistic therapies that I offer do not replace or substitute medical treatment. I am not a doctor, therefore I do not practice medicine, diagnose, treat specific illnesses, prescribe medicines or suggest you alter or change any treatment you are receiving. If you have any medical problems I would recommend you arrange an appointment with your GP to discuss this. It is your responsibility to obtain written permission to receive a treatment from me.


Animal Therapies Disclaimer


It is a legal requirement to gain your vets permission prior to any animal massage or reiki/energy treatment. A simple phone call to your vet should be all that is needed. A report can be written to the Vet if requested.

Please note that Massage is not a substitute for orthodox medicine or proper veterinary care. If your animal appears to be sick or injured in anyway please see your vet as soon as possible.