End of Life Care

I offer end of life appointments, giving you practical advice on how to help keep your horse/dog/cat/animal as comfortable as possible in the time leading up to their passing and also as they are passing. I will show you techniques that are very easy for you to administer to your animal, including how to stimulate the body’s natural pain killers. As an owner of 2 amazing dogs, ( update - I lost my little Barkley Boo 6th May 2020, aged 18.) I really do understand that this is a very difficult time for pet owners, this can be a time where our emotions take over & we can't think straight, we feel helpless. The time I spend with you will be giving you some of that power back to feel more in control by showing you practical ways of helping your animal in the last few weeks, days, and moments as they are passing. 

This includes a full treatment for your pet, when a selected time is booked I will ask you to please provide me with a photo of them so that I can connect and start sending some healing to them. I will do some hands-on healing while I am with you, as well as providing you with helpful soothing ways to help you with your emotions as I understand how overwhelming it can be when our pets come to the end of their lives.

You will also receive an information pack that I have put together using my skills and knowledge to help and guide you through this very difficult time. This will be tailored to your dog's individual needs. 

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Client Review 


"Ali was invaluable to my husband and I when we were giving our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Arnie, palliative care after the recurrence of cancer. Even before Ali visited us she was instantly able to send him reiki by using a photo of Arnie which I sent her. When she visited us she clearly had a connection to Arnie straight away and could tell where he was feeling discomfort. Ali taught us the particular acu pressure points which would provide pain relief and reduce anxiety. The tuning forks for sound therapy were amazing and Arnie looked really relaxed (made us feel sleepy too!) and Ali taught us how to use them.

I really believe that the therapy Ali taught us to use on Arnie helped keep him comfortable during his last few months with us. The vets had warned us Arnie would only have a couple of weeks left to live, but he ended up surviving for nearly 9 weeks for which we are eternally grateful. As well as helping our beloved dog, Ali has really supported us through regular contact and advice. This would have been a whole different experience if we hadn’t had Ali with us on this journey. She has made a very distressing experience a very calm, fulfilling and reassuring time when we felt in control of our boy’s last few months.  When we knew the end was near and I became very anxious Ali encouraged me to use the thymus tapping technique to calm myself down, which really helped me stay in control. When the vet was with us and Arnie was passing over Ali lit a candle and sent reiki which was such a comfort to me. I will continue to use the thymus tapping technique now when I start to get upset about loosing Arnie. I also have the reassurance from Ali that she is there if I need her, which is such a comfort to me". 🐶🐶🐶💙💙💙


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