Petsitting - Homestay 


I have been very passionate about dogs since I was a small child, my love for them is very clear to see. I have my own dog, a beautiful and very easy going spaniel who usually travels everywhere with me. I have been lucky enough to have looked after some incredible dogs and animals while being a pet carer & therapist, my dog and I really enjoy being around your animals and getting to know them. 

The first stage is to make contact to arrange a meet and greet with pets, I can only accept a booking once this process has been completed. This is very important as it avoids any undue stress on your animals. During this meeting, we gather information about your pets and their individual needs. I am more than happy to give medication to your animals while they are in my care, including any injection they may need, eg for diabetes. If they are undergoing ongoing treatment I can take them to their vets appointments, also any grooming appointments that fall over the time they are in my care.


I myself felt extremely anxious at the thought of putting my dogs into kennels which is why I set up Homestay, it's a fantastic solution for all your pet's needs as well as yours. Peace of mind in an instant. Have you noticed how your animals react when you are getting your suitcases out and packing for your holiday? Cats and dogs worry more than any other animals when suitcases appear because they associate them with a separation from the people they love and rely on for everything. Have Homestay and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. While you’re away, I will happily stay in your home and look after pets, gardens, and security. Providing you with complete peace of mind for your animals and of course your home. Homestay is perfect for those with anxious animals that are happier in their own environment and also if you have lots of animals all under one roof.  Simply allowing your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings, following their normal routines can help alleviate separation anxiety. Price includes lovely walks for your dog. A discount is given for long holiday care.

​With my passion for animals being so strong I do offer a very high-quality flexible service for all your pet care needs, from staying with them while you're on holiday or a business trip to popping in to feed your cats.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your needs and I will do my best to accommodate you. No need is too great or too small,  the welfare and happiness of your animals are all that matters for you to be able to fully relax and enjoy your holiday.

May incur travel fees if your 10 miles outside of Yeovil.

I will happily travel around the southwest and further for longer holiday care.



HOMESTAY in the comfort of their own home.

Dog and Cat care  - £45 per night (24hrs) up to 3 animals.

Lots of animals all under one roof  - £50 per night. (24hrs)
More than 3 dogs  - £55 per night. (24hrs)
(Discount is given on long stay holidays of 10 days or more.)


Premium Package  - £12 per visit. inc dogs if you are having
a day out. Please note a dog walk is extra.
Visits are for 30 mins, plenty of time for cuddles, feeding and
any medication your dog may need.
(longer if pre-arranged)


DOGGIE DAYCARE  - can be in the dogs own home.

Full-day 8 am - 6 pm.......... £30.00   - this does include a 30-minute walk.

(Discount given for dogs visiting 5 days a week. Discount is given on the last day. Times can be adjusted to suit the owner).

Half-day am/pm .......... £18.00
Per hour ..........  For regular clients only, at my discretion

Please call for details.

Please note that these prices do not include the animal therapies that I offer.