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A bit about me.

Those that know me know I have suffered terribly with fibromyalgia over the last 8/9 years, which led me to holistic therapies as I knew there had to be something out there that could help me try to regain some sort of normal life.

It's been a massive struggle and even with the therapies I now do regularly on myself there is no such thing as being cured so maintenance is of the utmost importance, I was always terrible at looking after self and it took me until last year to be able to put the focus fully on myself as this will lead me to be able to bring the healing therapies that I now do to help you.

I'm very hope full that this is the year I can get the business out there but with Covid next year is possibly more of an achievable goal. Without self care I cannot help anyone but with it enables me to bring the healing sounds & energy to you, which is why am I soo passionate now about what I can offer you all moving forward.

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