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The Long Covid.

We are now hearing about the long Covid, the symptoms that people are left with after they have had the virus.  Sufferers are reporting a huge spectrum of problems, including severe fatigue,  loss of taste and smell, breathlessness, muscle aches, joint pain, 'brain fog,' memory loss, a lack of concentration, as well as depression, and mental health problems. Hair loss has even been reported among some 'long haulers'.  What do we know? One thing medical experts and scientists do know is there are a lot of unknowns about Long Covid.  As with the acute stage of the disease, the long term symptoms are still far from being fully understood.  Some really interesting info on how sound and vibrational healing can help with Covid symptoms. If you would like a Tuning Fork Sound & Vibrational Healing Session or a Sound Bath & Humming Session please get in touch to book.

Sound Therapy may help with: Clearing toxins from the body,

Less Anxiety

Colds Coughs Chest infections Sore throats Tinnitus Migraines Headaches Digestive problems IBS Period pains Mood swings

Tiredness Insomnia Muscle tensions Low mood ​What the sounds can do: Aids in relaxation Pain relief

Improved health Improved energy Improved sleep Clarity and focus Sadness and depression Breathing improved Animal healing Osteoporosis Fibromyalgia Improves mobility Children's relaxation


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