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Yeovil Fiver Fest!!

I am taking part in the TOTALLY YEOVIL FIVER FEST!! 10th Oct until 24th Oct. Hoping this will be a step in the right direction to take what I do and turn it from a hobby into a business, not the easiest of tasks since Covid has taken over the year so far.

I will be offering a taster session of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for just a FIVER yes that's right, for just £5. All you have to do to take part is call me to book. Then just enjoy your 25/30 minutes of bliss. #Yeovil #somerset #totallylocally #fiverfest #shopsmall #supportlocal

Sound Therapy may help with: Clearing toxins from the body, Less anxiety Flu symptoms Sinusitis Colds Coughs Chest infections Sore throats Tinnitus Migraines Headaches Digestive problems IBS Period pains Mood swings Tiredness Insomnia Muscle tensions Low mood

​What the sounds can do: Aids in relaxation Pain relief Improved health Improved energy Improved sleep Clarity and focus Sadness and depression Breathing improved Animal healing Osteoporosis Fibromyalgia Improves mobility Children's relaxation

The OM is the amplifier for all the other forks when doing sound healing. It is the universal sound of life and is often called the heartbeat of mother earth. Using the OM to heal can be very relaxing and can take us into a lovely meditative state. It balances each side of our brain allowing the mindless chatter, the ego, to be quietened. It is a loving and nurturing sound and is used at the beginning of every tuning fork healing that you will receive from me. From a physiological basis, you start to calm your autonomic nervous system as this sends waves of sounds to all your organs and in turn the cells within the organs. As you listen to the sound your heart rate decreases, breathing softens and there is a great sense of peace, calm and pure relaxation. Pure bliss

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