Treatments & Costs

In light of the current Corona Virus, I am still offering the following Distance Healings Sessions for you or your pets, competitive and farm animals. (please note that I do still need consent from your vet to send reiki to your animals)

Initial treatment & consultation via zoom/skype/facetime £35 for 45 minutes in total.

15 minutes of Healing/Reiki for  £15

30 minutes of Healing/Reiki for  £25

                                            45 minutes of Healing/Reiki for  £35      all payable via Paypal



Therapies for People
Tuning Fork Sound Therapies

If you would like me to  Cleanse/Smudge you before your treatment please ask at time of booking ~ £5 donation (I also do house clearances/cleansing)

Book 5 Sound healing/Reiki sessions including Solfeggio, Full Chakra Balance & receive a 6th free. (6th appointment is free and this session will be a 1 Hr appointment.)

Clear, Cleanse, Balance therapy  (1st appointment)                        1hour 15mins                             £40

                                                         (appointments there after)        1hour                                           £40

Full Chakra Balance                      (1st appointment)                        1hour 40mins                             £60

                                                        (appointments there after)          1hour 30mins                             £60

Prescriptive (tailored to your individual needs)                                1hour 30mins                             £60

Deep Individual Chakra Healing                                                          1hour                                           £40

Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies for Deep Healing Therapy  ( a set of 9 Forks are used)   ~ 2/2hours 15 mins £75

Following your Ancestors             1 hour ~ £40

Ganesh Tuning Fork                      1 hour ~ £40

Only have a hour for lunch but feel like being immersed in the sounds of the OM ~ Initial appointment 45 Mins ~ £30

                                                                                                                                Returning Customer  30 Mins ~ £20

Individual Sound Baths with Tuning Forks, Chime Bars (Om, Solfeggio frequencies & more), Singing Bowl, Shamanic Drum, Rain Sticks and many more wooden instruments.              

                                                      30 mins ~ £25


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your individual needs as I can tailor a treatment to you.

Reiki, Energy Work & Full Body Realignment Therapy 

Full Body Realignment                                                   ~  1hr 15mins  ~  £45

Reiki & Energy/Crystal work short Session                ~  30 mins        ~  £25

Reiki & Energy/Crystal work normal Session             ~  1hr                ~  £40

Distance Reiki Session                                                   ~  40 mins        ~  £30


Book 5  Full Body Realignment sessions & receive a 6th free. (6th appointment is free and this session will be a 1 Hr appointment)

Pain Clinic

Book 6 sessions & only pay for 5 (6th appointment is free)


For Initial Consultation and treatment please allow 1hour 20 minutes


1st appointment                 ~  1hr 15 mins  ~  £35

appointments thereafter   ~  45 mins/1hr      ~  £30

Gift cards are available, get in touch to purchase.

Therapies for Animals

Canine Merishia Massage Assessment & Treatment      ~  £40

Canine Reiki/Energy work                                                  ~ 1 Hour session    £40

Canine Tuning Forks/Acu-Pressure/Crystal                    ~ 1 Hour session     £40/ 1 Hour 30 mins session     £60

Equine/Farm Animals Reiki/Energy work                        ~ 1 Hour session     £50

Equine/Farm Tuning Forks/Acu-Pressure/Crystal         ~ 1 Hour session     £50/  1 Hour 30 mins session    £70

Distance Reiki Session                                                        ~  40 minutes           £30

Small Animal Tuning Forks/Reiki/Energy Work/Crystals​/Acu-Pressure £35/£40, please call to discuss your individual needs.

I am completely guided by the animal and their choices.

If you have lots of animals all under one roof/yard/kennels that you feel would benefit from a treatment a discount will be offered. Also if you have friends or family in the same area that would like animal treatments to the fuel charge could be split between you. Max booking 8/10 horses per yard per day (deposit needed when booking for a yard/kennels where there will be multiple animals).


I offer end of life appointments, giving you practical advice on how to help keep your horse/dog/cat/animal as comfortable as possible in the time leading up to their passing and also as they are passing. I will show you techniques that are very easy for you to administer to your animal. You will receive an information pack that I have put together using my own skills & knowledge to help and guide you through this difficult time as well as help and support for you.

End of Life Appointments  ~ £40 + £35 deposit for a tuning fork I will leave with you. This will be reimbursed to you upon                                                                                        return or you are welcome to purchase for £35. During this session your                                                                                        animal will receive treatment from me, timings are 1hr 30mins to 2 hrs.

I am completely guided by the animal and their choices.

(there is a small fuel charge of 45p a mile outside a 10-mile radius)

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment or a cancellation fee may be applied.