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Sound Therapy Treatment with Tuning Forks
OM,  Sacred Solfeggio Tones, 528,  Ancestor, Ganesh, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine &
 Chakra Set.

The OM

The OM is the amplifier for all the other forks when doing sound healing. It is the universal sound of life and is often called the heart beat of mother earth. Using the OM to heal can be very relaxing and can take us into a lovely meditative state. It balances each side of our brain allowing the mindless chatter, the ego,  to be quietened.  It is a loving and nurturing sound and is used at the beginning of every tuning fork healing that you will receive from me. 

From a physiological basis you start to calm your autonomic nervous system as this sends waves of sounds to all your organs, and in turn the cells within the organs. As you listen to the sound your heart rate decreases , breathing softens and there is a great sense of peace, calm and pure relaxation. Pure blissfulness.


528 frequency is for miracles and transformations and universal love. The inner transformation may be subtle but slowly you may realize changes to self and your reaction to things.

I have a very intense set of forks called Sacred Solfeggio. This is a set of 9 forks and offers very intense healing so please be aware that it will be a longer but blissfully therapeutic therapy. 
I also offer Sonic Vibrational Sound Prescriptive Treatments which are completely tailored to your needs, please call or e-mail me to discuss the best treatment for you. 
The first therapy session will have an initial consultation time of around 15/20 minutes. During this time you can tell me if there are certain aspects of your health that are troubling you, please be as open as possibly so I can ensure you receive the right treatment for you and your own personal needs.